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Record keeping

Authorised employers are required to keep records for all children engaged to provide a service, for both paid and unpaid services.

The record should include the nature of the work, the place of work and location, the reference number of the employer’s Authority and the name, address and both personal and business telephone numbers (if any) of the child’s supervisor.

Records must be kept securely for a minimum of six (6) years and be made available for inspection by an officer appointed by the Children’s Guardian.

Incident register

Employers need to maintain an incident register in a form approved by the Children’s Guardian. We have created a template that you can download and use as the basis for your incident register.

The register should record any:

  • accident involving a child
  • injury to a child
  • incident that is subject to a complaint, including any allegation of sexual abuse
  • action taken in relation to the above items.

A record of the incident must be made and a copy of the record provided to us within 72 hours of the employer being made aware of the incident occurring.

Records in the incident register must be kept securely for six (6) years from the date on which the incident occurred.

Download OCG incident register template (XLSX 81KB)

Download sample incident form (DOCX 223.4KB)