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Code of practice

Employers of children in the entertainment and exhibition, still photography and door-to-door sales industries are required to comply with the Code of Practice under the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) (Child Employment) Regulation 2015

The Code of Practice is designed to:

  • protect children in employment from exploitation and abuse and prevent inappropriate or unreasonable demands being made of them
  • ensure employers take responsibility for employed children’s interactions with adults while the children are engaged in regulated activities
  • ensure that children are provided with a safe environment in which to work.

Authorised employers must provide a copy of the Code of Practice or the parents information sheet (PDF 218KB) to a parent of each child they employ.


If you are unable to comply with the Code of Practice, you can apply for a variation. Find out more about variations.


We conduct compliance activities, such as record audits and site visits to check that an employer is complying with the Code of Practice.

If we identify a breach of the Code of Practice, corrective action or termination of employment may be required.

We may also:

  • issue a warning letter
  • issue penalties for breaches of the Code of Practice
  • place additional conditions upon an employer’s Authority
  • suspend an employer’s Authority
  • revoke an employer’s Authority
  • prosecute an employer.


Fines can be applied for breaches under section 92 of the Children's Guardian Act 2019 as well as under the Regulation.