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Voluntary out-of-home care key statistics

Quarterly and financial year statistics for voluntary out-of-home care in NSW

These statistics include non-identifying information only. Figures going back to 2010-11 are also available. (PDF 162.5KB)

Voluntary out-of-home care annual and quarterly statistics
Financial year 2019–20Jul–Sep 2020Oct–Dec 2020Jan–Mar 2021Apr–Jun 2021
Number of agencies
Designated agency2423232324
Registered agency8894929193
Number of children and young people accessing voluntary out-of-home care
Children and young people recorded with a disability1,040389476483466
Children and young people recorded without a disability19432244921
Number of voluntary out-of-home care placements
Placements supervised by a designated agency3852535455
Case Plans recorded3835414752
Placements without a Case Plan or supervision7,1651,1581,5571,4491,277

* The above is based on data entered by agencies on the voluntary out-of-home care register and may include some errors. Our monitoring team works closely with agencies to ensure accuracy of data.