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NSW child safe standards for permanent care

The NSW Child Safe Standards for Permanent Care (PDF 5MB) 2015 replace the Statutory Out-of-Home Care Standards and the Adoption Standards, effective from 1 December 2015 .

A Word version is available on request.

The out-of-home care and adoption standards have been merged to create one set of standards which support a dual accreditation process for agencies choosing to provide both statutory out-of-home care and adoption services. The Standards have been updated to provide a greater focus on achieving permanency for children and young people. This focus supports the NSW Government’s Safe Home for Life Child Protection Reforms. Amendments to the Children and Young Person’s (Care and Protection) Act 1998 introduced a hierarchy for planning for permanency. 

More information about Permanency Support Program is available at www.facs.nsw.gov.au/families/permanency-support-program

The NSW Child Safe Standards for Permanent Care 2015 are used by the Children’s Guardian for the accreditation of agencies that provide statutory out-of-home care services and/or adoption services in NSW.

The standards establish minimum requirements for accreditation and were developed in consultation with the out-of-home care and adoption sector. The standards are strength-based and encourage agencies to continuously strive for best-practice.

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