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Key statistics - NSW Carers Register


  • The number of authorised carers has increased slightly since June 2020.
  • 14% of Authorised Carers identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
  • 62% of Carers are Female and 38% are Male, 0.01% identifies as Gender X
  • 50% of Household members are over 18 years of age and require a WWCC
  • DCJ manages 47% of the households in the Carers Register, NGO manage the other 53%

*Data represents a snapshot at the end of the quarter indicated apart from Cancelled/Surrendered/Refused/Withdrawn data
which covers this quarter compared to last year's corresponding quarter only.

If you would like more information on the Carers Register, please email us on carers-register@kidsguardian.nsw.gov.au 

Carers Register this quarter

Statistics at 31 March 2021

18,860 authorised carers and 12,561 household members are currently on the Carers Register
Number of current authorised carers and household members
13% of Carers identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
Carers - Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
62% of authorised carers are female, 38% male
Carers - gender

5,957 carer households managed by an NGO, 6,156 managed by FACS
Households managed by NGOs or DCJ
51% of carer household members are over 18 and require a Working With Children Check
Adult household members

Carers and applicants

Carers and applicants - cancelled or withdrawn

Tables – applications

Current applications
Number of household applications 1,829
Number of carer applicants 2,824


Carer applications refused or withdrawn
Status January –March 2019 January –March 2020
Refused 76 40
Withdrawn – no concerns  409 441
Withdrawn with concerns  56 501