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Carers Register training environment

The Office of the Children's Guardian has developed a Train the Trainer course to help agencies independently deliver training to relevant staff members. The Carers Register training modules are available below and can be used for either self-guided study or small group training.

Training modules
Carers Register training modules 
Module 1: Overview (PDF 445.2KB)
Module 2: Key concepts (PDF 570KB)
Module 3: Data requirements (PDF 714.3KB)
Module 4: Information exchange (PDF 1.2MB)
Module 5: Login and access information (PDF 317.5KB)
Module 6: Back capture process (PDF 2MB)
Module 7: Record an OOHC application (PDF 2.3MB)
Module 8: Search function (PDF 1.3MB)
Module 9: Individual management (PDF 2.1MB)
Module 10: Household management (PDF 1.3MB)
Module 11: System generated reports (PDF 1.1MB)

The Carers Register guides are available below.