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NSW Carers Register

The NSW Carers Register is a centralised database of persons who are authorised, or who apply for authorisation, to provide statutory or supported out-of-home care in NSW.


The aim of the Carers Register is to promote the safety, welfare and wellbeing of children and young people in statutory or supported out-of-home care by supporting the appropriate authorisation of carers.
The Carers Register will provide a common resource that all designated agencies must use to share information about carers and prospective carers.  

A carer de-authorised by one organisation will not be able to present at another organisation without the two organisations discussing the person’s suitability to be a carer.

Guiding principles

The Carers Register will:

  • operate to reduce the risk of inappropriate authorisation of carers
  • record essential information only
  • require agencies to certify that statutory and supported carers and relevant household members, have undergone minimum requirements for probity and suitability checks
  • act as a licensing tool – it will issue an individual with a carer authorisation number, without which a person will not be able to provide statutory or supported out-of-home care
  • operate as a restricted access site, subject to strict privacy controls


Improve the appropriate authorisation of carers in NSW, by licensing carers after all required probity and suitability checks are completed and by supporting effective inter-agency information exchange about carers, prospective carers and their household members. 

Aggregated data

The Carers Register will be a reliable source of aggregated data including:

  • application and authorisation history, including application refusals and cancellation/suspension of authorisation
  • associations between carers and households, including individual household members, and movements into and out of households
  • prospective carers and their household members’ history (or current association) with other designated agencies
  • consolidate reports detailing households and their application / authorisation history

Flags and triggers

Information recorded will:  

  • flag potential concerns relating to carers and their household members
  • provide triggers for agencies to follow up and seek further information from other designated agencies

What the Carers Register will not do

  • Record details of children in care
  • Support placement matching
  • Replace designated agencies’ more detailed processes and systems for assessment and authorisation of carers and their households
  • Contain detailed records


For any enquires contact carers-register@ocg.nsw.gov.au