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The Children's Guardian is responsible for accreditation and monitoring statutory out-of-home care providers in NSW. In the past, case file audits was one of the ways in which the Office of the Children's Guardian monitored accredited designated agencies.

As a result of the NSW Government's decision to transfer placements of children and young people in statutory out-of-home care from Family and Community Services to the non-government sector, many non-government designated agencies have experienced a period of rapid growth in placements in recent years.

As part of its monitoring functions, the Office of the Children's Guardian conducts on-site compliance and monitoring assessments of designated agencies in NSW. Assessments consider outcomes for children and young people in a range of care domains and assess the management and operation of each organisation. Assessments include a broad review of records and discussions with staff.

Designated agencies are provided sufficient notice to arrange for relevant personnel to be available to meet with our assessors and details regarding assessment criteria is provided to agencies prior to the visit. The Office of the Children's Guardian provides a written feedback report following assessments and where concerns are identified, will discuss the regulatory options available to the Children's Guardian to address these concerns.