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Accredited adoption agencies

Agencies listed on this page are accredited by the Children's Guardian's to provide adoption services in NSW.

  • Full accreditation is based on assessment of the agency’s indirect (policies and procedures) and direct evidence (practice) and is applicable to agencies seeking to renew their accreditation. Full accreditation is available only to agencies that can show current evidence relating to arrangements for the provision of adoption services for children and young people in NSW.
  • Provisional accreditation is based on assessment of indirect evidence (policies and procedures) only. These agencies have not made arrangements for the provision of any adoption services during the 12 months prior to applying for accreditation or accreditation renewal. When provisionally accredited agencies first make arrangements for the provision of adoption services, this is treated as application for full accreditation.

Accredited adoption agencies

Barnardos Australia
Family Spirit Limited
Life Without Barriers

Conditions of accreditation

Accredited adoption agencies must comply with conditions of accreditation issued by the Children’s Guardian provided with each agency listing above. Agencies seeking to apply for a variation of a condition of accreditation should contact the Children's Guardian on (02) 8219 3600 or email accreditation@ocg.nsw.gov.au