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15 Dec 2021


10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Free Webinar SAFE series - 10AM to 11.30M

The NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian is proud to offer our protective behaviours program which includes the following characters: Sam, Andy, Fiona, Eve and Mandu.  They’re the stars of the SAFE series, a set of four books containing protective behaviour messages aimed at children 2-6 years old. 

The OCG runs free webinars to assist early childhood educators in the development of skills and understanding of protective behaviours program within their Early Childhood setting.

The  SAFE series books, animations and ebooks are a free resource that will be made available only to staff of the Organisation attending this webinar.

The webinar will
Discuss learning objective which link to the child safe personal safety messages
Discuss practical hints, tips and tools to make the personal safety messages resonate with children
Discuss points of discussion for engaging children.
Discuss ready-made activities for children to complete and better understand how the content of the books relates to them

Please note: The SAFE Series program is not NESA accredited and certificates are not issued. Due to staff working remotely and the strain on postal services you may receive your books two or three weeks after the webinar. There is a limit of two sets of books per service, please ensure you provide us with your postal address. This webinar is provided to early childhood educators working within NSW and is not suitable for parents and carers. An email confirming attendance will be sent the following day.


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For any inquiries, please contact Michelle Sultana, Assistant Child Safe officer at childsafe@ocg.nsw.gov.au