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Seven days notice

What you need to do

Email your child details form and any supporting information to kidsemployment@kidsguardian.nsw.gov.au.

The quick guide to employing children contains a full list of the requirements for employers.

At least seven days before a child can be involved in your production, you will need to tell us how you will be employing the child and how you will keep them safe. When you complete the online notification form you are providing us with a broad of idea of what children will be required to do and how you will make the child’s work environment a positive and safe environment.

The online notification form can be completed before your production details are confirmed. You can upload supporting documents such as scripts, storyboards and risk assessments to the form to demonstrate how children will be employed. We will assess your plans and will let you know if further information is needed before the child starts work.

Providing this information seven days in advance allows us to focus our attention on high risk productions and reduces the risk of delays to your production, if issues are identified at the last minute.

Before completing the online notification form you may need

  • Your company information (is your authority to employ children current?)
  • Approximate dates, times and location of the production
  • Approximate ages of the children
  • Child role requirements and potential risks
  • Storyboards, mood boards or scripts

What happens if I don't provide 7 days notice?

If you don't provide us with 7 days notice you will have breached the law. We will determine the most appropriate enforcement action which could include:

  • issuing on the spot fines of $550 per child or
  • prosecuting you through the courts which could result in fines of up to $11,000 per child.

If you are applying for your authority at the same time as providing your production information, and you haven't given us 7 days notice, the law requires that we not issue your authority. Any subsequent employment will attract a $5,500 fine per child for unauthorised employment.

Production changes

You may need to make changes to your production plans and/or schedule so that it complies with the Code of Practice.
If your child employment plans change significantly, you will need to let us know.