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Employing children under three years of age

If you employ a child under three years of age to work in entertainment, exhibition and still photography, you are required to have a registered nurse or registered midwife present during the employment.

The registered nurse or registered midwife is there to:

  • advise the employer of the child’s suitability for employment
  • advise the employer on the suitability of the environment in which the child will work, and  whether or not it will cause the child to become distressed.

The employer must, during the child's employment,  follow the advice of the registered nurse or registered midwife in all matters that that relate to the welfare of the child.

Babies under 12 weeks of age

Special approval must be given to employ a baby under 12 weeks of age.

You will need to send us:

The registered nurse or registered midwife is required to assess the baby for employment and be satisfied that:

  • the baby was delivered full term and in good health
  • had a birth weight three kilos or more
  • has not had any post natal problems
  • is feeding successfully
  • has satisfactory weight gain since birth.

The Children’s Guardian will inform employers of the outcome of their request.

There are also special requirements for an employer. These include:

  • nappy change facilities available
  • no contact with a person who has a respiratory or skin information
  • no exposure to direct lighting
  • not have make up applied
  • be handled by no more than four (4) people (including their parent and registered nurse or midwife).