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Children's employment - report a concern

The Office of the Children’s Guardian works to protect children employed in the film, television, live theatre, radio, still photography, and modelling industries. We all have a part to play in keeping children safe.

Here you can report any unauthorised employment of a child in entertainment or register a concern you have about a child’s employment. Reporting can be anonymous, however providing contact details will help us if we need further information. Your details will be kept confidential. You can also contact the children's employment team by phone on (02) 8219 3600, or email kidsemployment@ocg.nsw.gov.au. 

If you have reason to believe a child is at risk of harm please report this to us. 

Risks to children we wish to mitigate include:

  • Sexual abuse
  • Physical harm
  • Psychological harm
  • Exposure to adult themes or concepts
  • Exploitation through excessive work hours
  • Educational neglect
  • Employment where the employer does not hold a current employers authority

Report a concern

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