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Code of conduct

If you are an authorised employer, you are required to develop a Child Safe Code of Conduct.

A code of conduct outlines the minimum expected behaviours between workers and children in your organisation as part of your commitment to creating a child safe environment.

Copies need to be provided to:

  • each employee, including self-employed persons, contractors, sub-contractors and volunteers
  • the child’s parent so they can explain it to their child.  You must do this before the child or their parent is employed or has any contact with other child employees.

What is in a Child Safe Code of Conduct?

As every organisation and employment situation is different, you will need to adapt your Child Safe Code of Conduct to reflect your current operations and to ensure it is clear and easily understood. The Child Safe Code of Conduct should include behaviours that need to be demonstrated by your employees and those which are not appropriate and/or need to be reported.

Strategies to support your Child Safe Code of Conduct could also include:

  • publishing, displaying and communicating about the Child Safe Code of Conduct
  • requiring employees to read, date and sign the document (to be stored in personnel files)
  • providing response and reporting guidelines so any breaches can be addressed.  

A Child Safe Code of Conduct should be reviewed on a regular basis to make sure it is current and relevant.

You can download a code of conduct (DOCX 157.3KB) template to help you get started.