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I'm a parent

Do parents need a Check?

People providing services for under 18 year olds generally need a Working with Children Check. Find out more about who needs a Working with Children Check

The NSW Working with Children Check allows parents to volunteer in activities that involve their own children without needing a Check. However, this is not a blanket exemption for all parent volunteers. 

Parents and close relatives are able to volunteer without a Check when the volunteering is:

  1. by a parent or close relative of a child in activities for the child's school, early education service or other educational institution
  2. by a parent or close relative, with a team, program or other activity in which the child usually participates in or is a team member.

However, a Check is required if:

  • the activities for either of the two points above involves an overnight camp for kids. Parents volunteering at overnight kids’ camps must have a Working with Children Check
  • the work is part of a formal mentoring program, even if they are doing so as a volunteer
  • if the activity or work involves the intimate personal care of children with a disability.

If parents are working or volunteering to provide service for children who are not their own, then they may need a Check and should check with the organisation.

We also have information for parents who may arrange overnight care for their child outside of the family home. We provide a list of voluntary out-of-home care agencies that are registered to provide this type of care. 

People providing services for your child

Anyone working face-to-face with your child must have a Working with Children Check clearance or a completed application unless they qualify for an exemption. It does not matter whether they are paid, volunteering or self- employed.

This includes people that you may personally engage to work directly with your children, such as:

  • au pairs and nannies (except privately arranged babysitting)
  • tutors
  • paid sporting coaches (not parents of kids in the team)
  • music teachers outside school.

Private arrangements in your home for babysitting and cleaning do not require a Check.

To make sure they are suitable to work with children you need to verify their Check using the information below. 

Employing someone through the NDIS

If you are purchasing support that involves overnight care for your child outside your family home, please use the list of agencies that we have accredited to provide this kind of care.

We have also put together a program of information to support parents in selecting care providers through the NDIS.

Children working in entertainment and modelling

There are restrictions and rules around young people working in the entertainment industry or doing door to door sales. The laws restrict with young people can do in these jobs and how that work is done and supervised as a safe guard for the children and young people.

The rules apply to children under the age of 15 years who are employed as actors, performers, and in door-to-door sales and under 16s who are working as models.

The people who employ and work with children in these circumstances require a Working with Children Check.

Information for parents

Information for children

Help to verify a Working with Children Check

It’s important: If you directly engage a person in child-related work, you need to let us know they are working for you by verifying their Working with Children Check number on our online system before they commence work.

Verifying is simply letting us know on our online system that you are engaging a person to work with your child. It is important as it creates a link between the worker, you (as employer) and the Office of the Children’s Guardian's continuous monitoring system.

To do this go to the verify form and: 

  • Enter your details in the form
  • Enter the worker’s family name, birth date, Working with Children Check number or Application number
  • Click the Submit button.

If a person is barred, interim barred or not found then you cannot engage them in child-related work.

Parents and carers can also use the QR code on the Service NSW app to verify the Working with Children Checks of tutors and other sole traders.