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Help to apply, renew and update


This section has the details about applying for the first time, renewing after five years, updating your contact details and more.
Videos and printable resources are available on our resources page.

There is more information on how we conduct the Check and the outcomes under Application process. 

Translation and other support services are under the Help section. 

Keep your confirmation emails

When you apply, keep your confirmation emails. The exact name on your application needs to be used to update your details and when you renew in five years' time. The email you receive when you are cleared has these details, as well as your Working with Children Check number for future reference. 

The Working with Children Check is an online system and does not have a physical card or certificate. 


Applying WWCC

If you are renewing your Working with Children Check after five years, please renew, do not reapply.

Step 1: Fill in the online form. You will be sent an application number by email.

Step 2: Take your email receipt and the necessary proof if identity documents to a Service NSW centre. You can either print out your application email receipt, or show the receipt on your phone. If you didn't provide an email address you will need to print the receipt that was on your screen immediately after lodging the application. If you do not do this step within 28 days, the online application number will expire.

Paid workers will pay a fee of $80. For volunteers, the Check is free.

More information on proof of identity requirements

Find your nearest Service NSW Centre

Once you have done this, give your application number to your employer. They can then verify your application and let us know that you are working for them.

Step 3: You will receive an email once the process has been completed. If you are granted clearance, you will receive a Working with Children Check number. Give this number to your employer to update in our system.

Paid or volunteer worker

If you work or volunteer with children, you may need a Working with Children Check. Use the information on Who needs a Working with Children Check to confirm.

If you are in paid work, you must apply for a Check for paid workers. A volunteer Check is not valid for paid work.

Only paid workers are required to pay $80 for a five-year clearance. This is the lowest fee for a Working with Children Check in Australia.

There is no refund once you have applied for your Check. If you become barred, withdraw your application, or select "paid" by mistake on your application form, or have failed to disclose a maiden name, or any previous or alias names, you will not receive a refund.

If you begin paid work, you will have 30 days from the date you begin that work to upgrade to a Check for paid workers which you can do using the Update your details form. You can then take your Check number to a NSW Service Centre and pay the $80 application fee.

The Check is free for:

  • volunteers
  • students over 18 on professional placement
  • potential adoptive parents
  • authorised carers (foster carers and other authorised carers of children in statutory and supported out-of-home care)
  • adults who reside in the home of an authorised carer, a family day care service provider, or home-based education and care service provider.

Services centre locations

Once you have applied online, you need to prove your identity and pay (if you are a paid worker) for your Check at a Service NSW Centre.

Locations for Service NSW Centres including Council agencies

Accepted identification documents

Types of document you will need

  • One commencement of identity document (such as birth certificate)
  • One primary use in the community document (such as driver licence)
  • Two secondary use in community document (such as Medicare card and bank card)

More information on proof of identity requirements

Overseas and interstate applicants

The NSW Working with Children Check is only applicable in NSW.

The application process can only be done in NSW as payment and identity checks must be done at a Service NSW Centre.

The only exception is for authorised carers and adult household members of authorised carers who live interstate.

Information your employer needs from you

Make sure you give your employer your Application number when you apply and then your Working with Children Check number when you receive it. Note that those working in the education sector must have a cleared Check number.

Find your Check number

To renew, change details or find your number, you will need either your Check number or your name exactly as you submitted it when you initially applied. Your application email and your confirmation email will have your name exactly as you submitted it when you applied.

When you update, renew or request your Check number you will be sent an email. Remember to also check your junk folder.

If you can't find your Check number

  • Search your email inbox for the email notification you received when your WWC number was issued. Search for "WWCCNotification"
  • Retrieve it online  Enter your name, date of birth and driver licence number or application number to retrieve your Check number. An email notification will be sent to your previously provided email address confirming your number and expiry date.

Renew three months before expiry

Renew, do not re-apply

You can renew your Working with Children Check from three months before it expires. The renewed Check will start from the expiry date.

Please renew as soon as possible so that your Working with Children Check does not expire before your renewal application is processed.

After renewing, you will be sent an email confirmation with a new expiry date for your WWCC number.

Give these details to the employer/organisation/parent who engages you to work with children. They will need to re-verify your renewed WWC number and new expiry date.

Previously risk assessed and cleared?

If there are no new criminal or workplace records since you received your clearance, it is unlikely you will be risk assessed again.

However, the Office of the Children’s Guardian may conduct another risk assessment if you have recorded new criminal or workplace records,or the Children’s Guardian receives new information relevant to the safety of children.

The Children’s Guardian will let you know if another risk assessment is required when you renew. Be aware this could take longer than three months. If this happens you will need to provide your employer with your Application number. Be aware that some employers have a policy of not allowing workers to work with children unless they have a clearance.

No refund 

Sorry but once the fee has been paid, there is no refund.

If you apply twice, become barred, withdraw your application, select "paid" by mistake on your application form, or fail to disclose a maiden name or any previous or alias names, you will not receive a refund.

Information about the fee is in the terms and conditions provided before completing the online application form.