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There are three possible outcomes from your application for a Working with Children Check:

Clearance notice

If you are cleared, you will receive a Working with Children Check notice by email (if supplied) or post.  Your clearance allows you to work with children. The notice will contain your WWC number that you need to give to your employer.

Keep your clearance email. You need the Check number and your details exactly as on the email to log on to the system and update, find your expiry date and renew.

Give your Check number to your employer

It is important that you give your Working with Children Check number to your employer so they can verify your details online and make the link between you, them and the OCG’s continuous monitoring system.

No card

There is no card or certificate for the NSW Working with Children Check. It is an online system.

Please keep your clearance letter or email. If you need to update your contact details or when you renew in five years, you need to enter either your Check number or details as they appear on your clearance notice.

Keep details up to date

Everyone who holds a Check is now legally required to update their contact details, including any name or address changes, within three months - just like your licence. And like your licence, penalties apply for people who don’t update.

Updating your details is simple and can be done on our website under Applicant. You can even find your Check number here if you don’t have it to hand. To do this you need to enter your name exactly as when you applied.

Five years until you renew

The Working with Children Check lasts for five years, so renewals began in March 2018 for those who first applied in 2013.

If your contact details are up to date, you will receive a notification when it is time to renew your Working with Children Check.

Please renew early to be sure your Check is cleared in time. Renewal applications can be submitted three months before your expiry date but no earlier. Your expiry date does not change if you renew early – you do not lose time on your Check.

Do not reapply – simply renew, and your Check will remain valid for another five years.

A Working with Children Check is like a driver’s licence – the number stays with you and is renewed before it expires.

If you move jobs but still work in a child services role, simply give your Check number to your new employer.