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Child Safe Standards

Resources on the Child Safe Standards

Cover thumbnail - A guide to the Child Safe Standards A guide to the Child Safe Standards (PDF 10.6 MB, 52 pages)

 Empowerment and participation (PDF 7.6 MB, 86 pages)

 A guide to developing child safe Codes of Conduct (PDF 2.5 MB, 32 pages)

 Engaging sensitively with survivors of abuse (PDF 4.4 MB, 52 pages)

 Oversight and regulatory mechanisms protecting children (PDF 121 KB, 2 pages)

CSSGuide_poster.png Child Safe Standards poster (PDF 231 KB)

 Child Safe Standards and core components in multiple languages

 Online safety for children (Standard 8) (PDF 364 KB, 2 pages)

 Child Safe Standards flyer (PDF 1.5 MB, 2 pages)