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Keeping records and sharing information

There are strict legislative and privacy procedures that govern the management of records and sharing of any information including privacy and defamation law, duty-of-care obligations and procedural fairness.

This requires the head of the entity to ensure there is informed and judicious handling of sensitive information and to keep full records of every stage of the reportable conduct allegation and investigation process which can be made available upon request to the Office of the Children’s Guardian. 

In certain situations, the Office of the Children’s Guardian has the legislative authority to exchange information internally and with external agencies where there are concerns about children’s safety.

In certain situations, the Office of the Children’s Guardian can share the findings of investigations into reportable allegations with Police, the Department of Communities and Justice, regulators, employers, to inform their law enforcement and child protection functions, as well as with children and their parents or carers.

The Children’s Guardian can also use certain shared information to report publicly to NSW Parliament on trends in the notification and investigation of reportable allegations and related findings.

The Office of the Children’s Guardian has developed appropriate systems, rules and processes to ensure information is handled appropriately and to detect and act promptly in response to any inappropriate or unlawful disclosures.

Auditing of agencies 

Fact sheet: Keeping records (PDF 835KB)

Fact sheet: Disclosing information to children, parents and carers (PDF 858.1KB)