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The Children’s Guardian Act 2019 requires the head of an entity to ensure the entity has systems including a code of conduct, policies and processes for:

  • preventing and identifying reportable conduct by an employee of the entity;
  • requiring an employee to provide a report in relation to a reportable allegation or conviction;
  • enabling a person, other than an employee, to notify the head of the entity of a reportable allegation or conviction;
  • responding to a reportable allegation or conviction involving an employee;
  • receiving, handling and disclosing information relating to reportable conduct allegations and convictions.

The Office of the Children’s Guardian may monitor these systems and, to this end, may require the head of relevant entities to provide information about the systems. If the relevant entity does not provide the information, without any reasonable excuse, the Children's Guardian may publish the entity’s details on its website for failing to comply with its legislative obligations.

However, the objective is to assist relevant entities to be child safe and if our monitoring of an entity’s systems suggests that they are not adequate, we will seek to provide guidance and assistance to the entity to improve its systems. One of the ways the Children's Guardian may monitor relevant entities’ systems is by conducting an audit of the entity and providing detailed feedback that aims to support better child safe environments.

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