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Notification forms

From 1 March 2020, make a notification to the NSW Children's Guardian under the Reportable Conduct Scheme using the forms below.

Entity report form (pdf 135.8KB)
Once the head of entity is satisfied that the investigation has been concluded, they must, as soon as practicable, provide the Office of the Children’s Guardian with an entity report unless the Children’s Guardian has given a written exemption or the head of the relevant entity has a reasonable excuse.
30-day interim report form (pdf 112.9KB)
By 30 calendar days after becoming aware of a reportable allegation or conviction, the head of a relevant entity must provide either the investigative report ("entity report") or, if the investigation is not complete, an interim report.
7-day notification form (pdf 137.3KB)
The head of a relevant entity must notify the Office of the Children’s Guardian within 7 business days of becoming aware of any reportable allegation or conviction.