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How the scheme works

Under the Children’s Guardian Act 2019 there are certain organisations or relevant ‘entities’ that have legal obligations under the Reportable Conduct Scheme.

These entities are required to notify and investigate certain allegations (reportable allegations) of abuse involving a child when the allegation is against someone they employ, engage or contract in circumstances outlines by the legislation. See Organisations in the scheme

While a police investigation may have priority in these matters, the head of an entity still has to notify the Office of the Children’s Guardian within 7 business days of becoming aware of any reportable allegation or conviction and provide a final entity report or interim/update report within 30 calendar days.

More information about identifying reportable allegations

Following notification of a reportable allegation, the Office of the Children’s Guardian can provide guidance to your entity about how to respond to the allegation.

The Reportable Conduct Directorate at the Office of the Children’s Guardian can also:

  • monitor and guide the progress of the entity’s investigation into the reportable allegation or conviction
  • require further information about the allegation or the entity's response to it
  • assess whether the entity conducted a fair, transparent, effective and timely investigation
  • determine whether appropriate actions have been taken by the entity following the investigation
  • work with relevant entities to help them improve their systems for preventing reportable conduct and responding to reportable allegations.

Certain information may be shared within the Office of the Children’s Guardian and with external agencies to keep children safe.

Fact sheet: Frequently asked questions for employees (PDF 203.8KB)

Fact sheet: Frequently asked questions for employers (PDF 886.5KB)