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Fact sheets - reportable conduct

We welcome feedback: If you have suggestions for how we can improve our fact sheets, please email reportableconduct@ocg.nsw.gov.au 

  • pdf 01. Identifying reportable allegations (pdf 1MB) Download
  • pdf 02. Heads of entities and reportable conduct responsibilities (pdf 906KB) Download
  • pdf 03. Risk management following an allegation (pdf 864.6KB) Download
  • pdf 04. Planning and conducting an investigation (pdf 912.4KB) Download
  • pdf 05. Recognising and managing conflicts of interest (pdf 824.4KB) Download
  • pdf 06. Keeping records (pdf 835KB) Download
  • pdf 07. Disclosing information to children, parents and carers (pdf 858.1KB) Download
  • pdf 08. Making a finding of reportable conduct (pdf 870.3KB) Download
  • pdf 09. FAQ for employees (pdf 203.8KB) Download
  • pdf 10. FAQ for employers (pdf 886.5KB) Download