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Report a concern

This form can be used to report the Office of the Children's Guardian concerns about an individual or an organisation that you believe is not meeting Working With Children Check obligations, such as:

  • A person is working in child-related work without a Working With Children Check
  • A person is barred and is continuing to work in child-related work
  • An organisation is not removing barred or interim barred workers from child-related work
  • An organisation is not ensuring child-related workers have a Working With Children Check

We do not deal directly with complaints or concerns about risk of harm to individual children. For complaints or concerns about an individual child, contact the NSW Ombudsman on (02) 9286 1000. To report suspected child abuse or neglect contact the Child Protection Helpline on 132 111 (TTY 1800 212 936).

Report a concern

Details of the person or organisation you have concerns about, and the nature of your concerns

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