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Children’s Guardian welcomes new protections for Aboriginal children in care

9 July 2020

NSW Children’s Guardian, Ms Janet Schorer, has welcomed the new protections for Aboriginal children in statutory out-of-home care announced yesterday by Minister for Families, Communities and Disability Services, Mr Gareth Ward.

The new measures include the creation of the position Deputy Children’s Guardian for Aboriginal Children and Young People within the Office of the Children’s Guardian.

The announcement is part of the NSW Government response to the Family is Culture review of Aboriginal children and young people in out-of-home care.

‘As Professor Megan Davis and the Independent Review Team make so clear in their review, connection to family and culture helps protect children, including Aboriginal children,’ Ms Schorer said.

‘Aboriginal children make up about 40 per cent of all children in state care in NSW, so it’s appropriate that a dedicated senior leadership role be created to focus on improving the out-of-home care and other services provided to children,’ Ms Schorer said.

‘I also look forward to implementing the review’s recommendations for improved transparency and accountability in how we accredit and regulate out-of-home care for the children who need our support.

‘The review is the first independent, systematic and comprehensive review of the experiences of Aboriginal children and young people in the NSW child protection system, led by Aboriginal people.

‘More broadly, the insights offered by Professor Davis and her team provide us with an important opportunity to better meet and support the needs of first nations children and their families in NSW,’ Ms Schorer said.